Announcement of Market Entry

The Haama Group announces its market entry in Europe, with the establishment of Haama Europe GmbH in Munich, Germany.

Since its establishment in 1964, Haama has become a leading global manufacturer of textile products, setting exceptional standards in terms of innovation, quality and service. Under the management of the third generation, Mr. Yaron Harel has strongly globalized the company and acquired a large number of additional manufacturers, all of which have fully joined the Haama network over the years. Today Haama produces and distributes a wide array of clothing components, including interlinings, linings, pocketing and waistband products, sewing threads and several others. In addition the group is a large manufacturer of products for the home textile, insulation and cold chain industries.

“Most of our managers can no longer imagine how it was like, trying to maintain a competitive edge in each one of our business segments, without the luxury of offering a full package to our customers” says Mr. Harel. “With a substantial investment in our new European sales and distribution facility, we now created the infrastructure we need to make the same advantage available to European customers. Mrs. Sofia Cinel and Mr. Dominik Kufner will jointly manage Haama Europe GmbH. They have both been in this business for many years and have the necessary product and market knowledge throughout Europe”.

The first distribution facility has a warehouse of 2000 square meters, a laboratory and a customer service staff, which operates in all important European languages. From this center the company is now creating a European network of account managers, technicians, agents, distributors and additional distribution facilities, to cover all important European markets.

“We have been active since several months getting everything ready and we are now fully operational. Initially the company will carry interlinings, linings, pocketing and waistband products” says Mrs. Cinel. Mr. Kufner, a former manager of the Kufner interlining company, has also assumed responsibilities in Haama’s manufacturing and sourcing network, in order to select and develop the right products for the European market. He describes, “It was a real pleasure, making use of the diverse capabilities in the Haama Group to create extremely competitive and high quality collections. We are now eager to show them to our customers in the coming months”.