An important part of our forward-looking philosophy is the strive for diversification. In this way we were able to build a leading position in a wide range of products for the clothing industry.

As a result, we have become one of the only resources worldwide which is able to produce and supply comprehensive package of product types.

HAAMA EUROPE Woven Fusibles Weft Inserted Canvas Non Woven Circular Knits Pocketing Linings Waistbands Innovations

Woven Fusibles


We offer a wide variety of products for all applications, from ultra-light ladies wear styles to supple and luxurious products for menswear. Weights as low as 12 grams per square meter, demonstrate the level of care we put into all manufacturing stages.

Weft Inserted


We develop and produce innovative and high class weft inserted products, for both ladies wear and menswear applications. From fine texturized products all the way to classic rayon inserted styles, we provide competitive and top quality solutions.



With many new developments we continuously re-invent and improve this traditional product group. Our range includes finest canvas styles for traditional and semi-traditional jackets and the most valuable horsehair canvases.

Non Woven


Soft polyamide and polyester fibers are blended in different mixtures, to create perfect products for ladies wear and small part applications. The collection is enhanced with stitch reinforced products for tape and small part applications.

Circular Knits


Our circular knit collection includes high quality solutions for special fabrics all the way to extremely competitive mass market solutions.



Our comprehensive collection of pocketing products includes plain and twill woven constructions, as well as herringbone styles in all important fibre blends.



Our lining range includes beautiful viscose styles, various blends, elastic products and very competitive Polyester items.



We are a global leader in developing and producing high quality waistband products. Our design team is constantly developing new ideas and special innovations for our customers.